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Monaghan•Warrick•King provides expert counseling and litigation involving land usage, governmental acquisitions, zoning and property rights.  Our attorneys have been involved in development projects from inception through issuance of building permits. Our efforts include due diligence investigations, public and private financing, land use law, and litigation, if necessary.
Our attorneys have significant experience negotiating land acquisitions.  We also have extensive trial and appellate experience in land acquisition cases, diligently representing our clients throughout the litigation process.

How can our zoning and land usage law attorneys help?

We have experience working with developers involved in new and redevelopment projects in guiding a project from concept, through the development, zoning and permitting processes to construction. Our attorneys can represent you in land use and zoning matters.  

Pre-acquisition counseling

We can provide advice and guidance to you before you go ahead with land acquisition. On top of that, we can guide you by learning more about land use regulatory issues and zoning issues, which can lead you to problems during the development phase. Approaching regulatory agencies and municipalities

Many projects require working with regulatory agencies and municipalities. our attorneys can assist you in working with and seeking approval from the relevant authorities to help you  achieve your objectives.



Before you start a development project, it is worth your time to get in touch with us and seek our expertise. We will share knowledge and guidance to help you stay away from potential problems that you will come across.  We are ready to represent our clients if the matter calls for litigation to protect your interests and your development project. 


Sometimes public improvements require the acquisition of private land in exchange for payment of just compensation.  Sometimes this acquisition can be negotiated, but other times it will be decided in court in a condemnation lawsuit.   

We have extensive experience in representing clients  in condemnation matters from the negotiation process to litigation and through appeal, if necessary.  Call and set an appointment or reach out by clicking on the yellow button below.

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