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Make informed decisions for workplace strategies

Monaghan•Warrick•King offers an array of workplace strategies and legal counsel, including practical and efficient consulting, technical assistance and litigation services.

We understand the business impact of employment issues and have the deep experience needed to help you analyze options, make informed decisions and take effective action.

Employment litigation is costly. And with state and federal laws and regulations constantly changing, employers who don't keep current can find themselves at risk of violations without realizing it. We offer guidance to assist in compliance with state and federal regulations. In addition, we advise on a variety of other issues including ERISA compliance, workplace investigation, drug testing, and employee handbook and policy creation.

When should you hire an employment law attorney?

  • You should consider consulting an attorney who practices employment law to regularly review your company employment policies and handbooks. 
  • You should consider consulting with an employment attorney before preparing an employment agreement.
  • You should consult with an employment law attorney when there are concerns about an employee’s conduct.
  • You should consult with an employment law attorney when considering terminating an employee to ensure that the termination is proper and is handled properly.  
  • In a case where an employee sues you, you need to get in touch with Monaghan•Warrick•King right away. That’s because employment lawsuits are often complex and require quick action.



Helping you stay on top of compliance

As a business owner, it is quite important to be aware of and adhere to numerous laws related to employing workers.  Otherwise, you may have to deal with expensive legal disputes.  Regularly consulting with attorneys experienced in employment law can help you follow the law and help avoid employment disputes. 

Monaghan•Warrick•King utilizing our numerous years of experience as employment law attorneys for the benefit of our clients. Call and set an appointment or reach out by clicking on the yellow button below.

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