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Business Obligations and Legal Needs

Businesses have numerous obligations and many legal needs: some simple and some complex.  How you structure your business is important, as are your policies and business operations.  The agreements for business transactions can have significant legal consequences.  

Our years of experience benefit clients whether launching a new venture or seeking growth of an existing company. We assist in all areas regarding banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions including the sale of assets and commercial transactions, employments matters and vendor relationships. 

We can help you with the many legal needs of your business including: company formation, preparation and review of contracts  business legal matters,  and other general business consulting. 

Our attorneys are  here to provide much-needed assistance to you with reviewing your business and its legal needs. Regardless of the size of your business and the nature of the activities you do, we are here to assist you in performing and protecting your business. 

Our business consulting services:

We are looking forward to assisting your business to deal with numerous legal matters. You may rely on our expertise for:
  • Legal consultation and advice 
    Monaghan•Warrick•King  provides experienced consulting at all stages of business, from the initial concept and business formation stages, to corporate governance and shareholder rights, all the way through a profitable exit strategy. Sometimes questions or disputes arise in business. Our attorneys can help answer those questions.  We are looking forward to becoming your partner for business law Tulsa. 
  • Contract and legal documents preparation and review
    Working with business legal documents can be confusing and complex, and these documents can have legal consequences.  Our attorneys will can assist in preparing or reviewing your contracts and other legal documents and provide guidance on their terms
  • Phone calls or letters 
    If a dispute arises our attorneys can send letters and make phone calls on your behalf to protect your interests and to try to resolve disputes.  We will work to help you resolve business disputes without litigation.  

Legal Guidance

Practical Solutions

Practical Responsive Legal Guidance

Monaghan•Warrick•King crafting expertise and providing legal guidance for businesses. Call and set an appointment or reach out by clicking on the yellow button below.


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