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Providing Guidance to Franchisors

Prior to franchising, we assist clients in finding alternatives and consider various exemptions and exclusions available under federal and state franchise laws. Moving forward, we advise on and design policies and procedures to allow franchisors to maintain system compliance and positive relationships with their franchisees. We prepare all agreements governing the various relationships in franchise systems, prepare Franchise Disclosure Documents and help ensure federal and state regulatory compliance.


Assisting Prospective Franchisees

We also assist prospective franchisees with their due diligence consideration of franchise opportunities. We can review the franchisor’s Franchise Disclosure Document and investigate numerous legal and business aspects of the franchise offering.  This helps the prospective franchisee understand. the obligations they would be undertaking and the risks they would be assuming.   Our experienced attorneys assist in preparing, reviewing, and negotiating all agreements and contracts to start your franchised business.

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Protecting Your Franchise

From entrepreneurs exploring growth to established multi-state franchises, Monaghan•Warrick•King helps clients in all stages of development, implementation and maintenance.  Offering franchises or operating a franchise can be rewarding, but the agreements and requirements are often complex.   The attorneys at Monaghan•Warrick•King can assist businesses involved with franchising and franchises.

Monaghan•Warrick•King’s  franchise law attorneys stand ready to assist you with your franchise related legal needs.  Seeking big firm results? Call and set an appointment or contact us using the gold button above.  

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