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Meeting Construction Challenges

Monaghan•Warrick•King is well-versed in handling the varied challenges confronting the construction industry, including contract negotiation, dispute resolution, project finance issues, and OSHA regulations.

From the preparation of contracts through completion of construction, our comprehensive range of experience allows us to deliver business-focused solutions during all phases of the construction process.  If litigation becomes necessary, in court or arbitration, our attorneys provide professional representation at every step of the action. How can our construction lawyers help you?

A construction lawyer can handle all sorts of legal matters with related to construction projects. Whether you are an owner looking to building a project, a contractor performing the work, construction manager overseeing the work, a subcontractor, laborer or material supplier  you can encounter legal issues related to a construction project.  If you have questions about a legal matter related to a construction project, please contact one of the experienced construction lawyers at Monaghan•Warrick•King.


Well written contracts reduce challenges

A construction lawyer can help you to adhere to construction laws, which are related to planning, designing, and construction of your project.   A clear well written contract can prevent confusion, define responsibilities and reduce disputes on a project. 

Even with the best contracts, designs and plans, disputes and other legal issues occasionally arise on a construction project. Our construction lawyers can assist you on  legal issues  during a construction project.   Our construction lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience with construction contracts and construction projects. We can advise you regarding contract interpretation, defects, delays, payment issues, liens and many other issues.  Our attorneys can provide guidance and assistance in working to resolve construction disputes, so the project gets completed and the parties avoid litigation.  If the dispute cannot be resolved, then our attorney have many years of construction litigation experience to represent your interests in litigation or arbitration.




Hiring a skilled construction lawyer

If you are involved with a construction project, you will often need a construction lawyer.  Involving an attorney early in the process can help avoid legal issues later in the process.   Even before a dispute arises, when it first appears you may have legal questions, it is best to consult with a construction attorney to try to avoid potential problems on the project.
Monaghan•Warrick•King utilizing our experience and expertise as construction law attorneys to serve you.  Call and set an appointment or reach out by clicking on the yellow button below.

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